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you wonder why that’s a problem. you look at your pile of WIPs and recall that at least two of them are written in the second-person present tense. you roll over and wonder when life became this way; once upon a time you never wrote in this POV.

you think back to when you first started out on Quizilla! writing fiction in second person present—or was it past?—tense because everyone else did it and that meant you should too, right?  you followed an idol into LJ, drank up elitism like baby’s milk because these were the good writers with good opinions about writing and acceptability and they would sigh dramatically over anything that didn’t fit (x) list of fanfiction requirements

"i will never use that voice again" you said and you smushed out present tense and first and second person tense and shut your mouth and smushsmushsmush even though sometimes that voice flutters out again, ever so softly

kneading at the edges and refusing to be morphed into another form

years pass and you start shedding off writing elitism ‘I don’t need you,” you say, “i don’t need you”

but it’s easier said than done

  1. not-rubato said: you remember back when started taking down choose-your-own-adventure 2nd-person fics, and that cemented your decision to not write in it. years later you find it is often a default, and you quite like it actually. odd how things are.
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