the devouring mouth

in which lizzy writes sterek vore and makes it both romantic and under pg13


Are you sure? He asks and you nod quickly. Try not to pay attention to how he looks at your throat when you swallow, how he licks his lips. Like he can taste you already on his tongue, his mouth. You let out a breath—is it a moan? A sigh? You can’t tell.

“Y-yeah. I’m sure.” Derek closes his eyes and inhales deeply. You wonder what he smells. Your fear? Your arousal? Both feelings entwine in your gut, keep you warm and loose. “I want this. I want to be inside you.”

He shudders, and you can feel his cock twitch against your belly. You can’t come back from this, he says and you’re nodding as you lazily stroke his cock, fingers drifting up and down the base, teasing the soft, veiny flesh. There’s no turning back, and you whimper.

There’s no turning back at all and you can’t wait. Can’t wait at all and so you reach up and whisper, “Please, Derek. Please. I want to be inside you—all I want is to be inside you. I’ve been thinking about it for days, Derek. Please.” and you squeeze his cock and he shudders again.

Opens his red, red eyes. Bares his teeth and lays them lightly against your throat. A snap of his jaws will tear out your throat and you have to pull yourself back from pressing your neck closer. From submitting to it so quickly.

“Not so fast,” you whisper. “I want it to last.”

He nods, and starts with your shoulder instead.  

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