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The “Native Americans are werewolves” problematic crap came after they’d already introduced white werewolves, including, unfortunately, Tyler. I wish Tyler had Michael’s ancestry.

yeeeeeeep.  i was actually, like, incredibly fucking irritated by that.  :///  

i mean, there’s plenty of white ppl with native ancestry, so it wouldn’t be *too much* of a stretch, but…  MOTHERFUCKING KLAUS REALLY

HIS ASS IS NOT HALF NATIVE lkajs;ldjfa;lskjdf;lkjasdflkjas;ldjfa sd

/flips tables/

i…  i have a secret head canon???  that tyler has to have the werewolf gene… one assumes from his father, since everyone knew he had it, etc.

but there’s no one to say that he has to share biological material with carol, y’know?  >.>;;

  1. halobleeding said: Klaus is White! I don’t care what they say! Yeah, Ty got it from his dad.
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