remix of the “study” scene in “magic bullet” 1.04
faab scott x kiko!allison

(not in this snippet, but future make up play and makeouts)



“don’t worry, i’m not gonna bite,” she says, and you can’t help but duck your head down, cheeks flaming with the image of her teeth sinking down on your bottom lip.

“i—it’s not that,” you say instead and you swallow thickly. there’s something about allison that numbs your brain down to nothing, until all you are is a flighty bundle of nerves. like every bit of you is shaking, just a little bit, and swaying towards her. “i just—”

“come on. nobody’s gonna be home for hours.” fuck, you think and she grabs your hand. you follow her into her big house; the smell of paint tickles your nose, the toxic chemicals that you can differentiate but not name are as interesting as they are irritating. the same could be said of sawdust and recently dried plaster, the faint radiation in the air from exposed wires… all those little things that tell you that this is a new house, one that hasn’t been lived in the way your decades-old home has been.

you like the way her hand feels in yours. how small and soft it is, almost dainty. precious. yours isn’t all that big, but you think it might look that way next to hers. you squeeze her hand and she squeezes it back, looking over her shoulder to grin at you. this time your smile is easier, less embarrassed. you’re getting used to the way she makes you feel, how she unsettles your insides. your clear-cut view of the world and your place in it.  

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