ok im soo not feeling that revolutionary archetype thing

not the graphics and not the text itself

maybe it’s because my family is from a country who has experienced both a fight for independence and a revolution

maybe it’s because i’m latin@ and as a group we’ve had our share of wars for independence and revolutions

but it is not something i’m feeling in the least bit

this sort of mythologizing of something that is not a myth

it’s ugly and it’s brutal and maybe the blood and fire seem poetic to some

maybe it looks legendary to the eyes of someone whose people haven’t died like that, who don’t realize what it means to lay down your everything because you simply cannot exist with the way things are

because it is—and has always been—revolution or living death

you lay down your life because your life isn’t worth living anymore the way things are, because the generations of hurt are sitting on your chest and you can’t live like this anymore

it isn’t just a hope for something better, but because life isn’t worth it unless something changes

revolution is about fighting your oppressors.  revolution isn’t magical, it isn’t easy, it isn’t legendary.  

it’s ugly, it’s brutal, and sometimes you can become something monstrous in order to protect your humanity

it’s about the hungry and the miserable and the dying

who are tired of simply existing

who want to live a life worth living.  

don’t make it something it isn’t.  :|

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