gonna shower before bed in a bit, BUT !!!

oh gosh can’t wait to write awks!Scott dressed up in the club and just…  feeling awkward and getting flirted with and running into Danny who has nothing better to do than be at Jungle (even tho it’s not his favorite scene, but Jackson’s gone and there’s no one else he’s really close-close to & wants to be around—so why not go to a club and get a little buzzed and maybe fool around?) 

and Danny sees Scott awkwardness and, like, idk takes him away from Jungle bc Scott’s tolerable company at least (and has a nice smile but shhh) [edit] and obvs they would both rather be together than be there where their loneliness is extra obvs bc of how they don’t want to be there but they’re lonely enough to go anyway—[/edit]

so he takes him out and they just…  walk and talk and it goes from casual to semi-serious to casual again

and just talking and getting to know each other and !!!


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